Ian Shorts 1 & 2

Hiya folks! So here’s a little character concept I’ve had bumping around in my head for a while – a magic user who works at a hospital as a curer of magic-related maladies.

Still working out all the details, (for instance whether he’s a doctor or nurse and what kind and whether he actually swears in German or not) but here’s what I have so far: his story takes place in a world where magic is common knowledge, but not everyone has it. Artifacts and charmed items abound, and misuse/malfunction of spells is a common problem. Thus, the Magical Afflictions Specialists – hospital staff specifically trained to deal with magic-related medical mishaps.

Probably doing a long-form story or novel at some point, but for now just writing little vignettes/short stories. Here are the first two: “Cursed Keys” and “Barking Mad”.

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Freewrite: Pizza Delivery Hitman

A tumblr I follow posted this, I got inspired (see the bottom of the post) and I hadn’t done a freewrite in a while, so… yeah.

Find this same story on my tumblr here.

I had a bit of fun writing this, and I hope you have as much fun reading it. 🙂

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Errol Crow – First chapter first draft

An idea for a story – still working on the overall plot, but this is how it starts out, more or less.


Errol Crow (working title) – Chapter 1 first draft

“Master Blachette, are you – OH GODS AND GODDESSES!” The shriek made him jump. He spun around just in time to see Melinda’s face go white before she bolted from the doorway and down the hall.

“Wait!” he called. “This isn’t what it looks like! Well I mean it is, but it isn’t…” he stopped, not sure what to say, and it was too late anyway – the maid had already gone screaming down the hall.

He sighed and turned to survey the room. It was opulently furnished in dark wood and rich wall hangings, soft furniture and gold detailing. The rug was intricately woven with geometric designs, its bright colors spoiled at the edge by the darkening pool of blood beneath the body.

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