Inktober 2017 Week 3

Inktober week 3. Not a lot this week because of some branding work that took up more time than expected. I’ll be posting the results of that some time mid-November. For now, enjoy my little inklings.

Glowing Feather

Falling Light – This drawing raises two important questions in my mind. First, “where does this mental image come from?” Probably Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. I will finish that manga one day, but it will probably take some diagrams and a great many wiki trips. The second question that comes to mind is “why do I hate myself?”. Pro tip – do not try to stipple shade with a ballpoint pen. Turns out the ball in the point of said pen actually needs to roll to dispense ink, which is not something you do in stipple/dot shading. It turned into a lot of little hash marks instead and I guess I like how it turned out but man am I glad I didn’t do this on a larger sheet of paper.

Spirals and Animals

Spirals and Abstract Animals – On the left is a type of doodle I do a lot when bored and have access to a sketchbook. Almost meditative. On the right are some slightly abstracted animals – panda, butterfly, snake (head) and bird. Bird probably came out the best. Panda I did at work because I noticed the Panda Express logo across the way, and realized that both they and the World Wildlife Fund use a standing panda from a 3/4 angle and I wanted to try a slightly different angle. Also this panda has bamboo to munch on.

The Salvage Team

The Salvage Team – I had the urge to draw a small but muscular woman with a sledgehammer and it just kind of went from there. Still working on my ability to draw robots and mechanical items, but I think it came out rather well. Not sure quite what their story is, but I imagine them to be taking apart some ancient gargantuan war machines, using the scrap to build something in peacetime. Also the gal totally painted that smiley face on her robot buddy after they inquired about someone’s tattoo.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Anything for the good of the public?

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