Inktober 2017 Week 2

More of my sorta Inktober drawings. Still not doing quite daily drawings, and not really following the prompts, but I experimented a bit more with ink techniques this week.

What's This

What’s This? – This is one of those drawings that is a cute idea in my mind but may be creepy and unsettling to the outside viewer. I promise it’s a friendly, curious bird-man-skeleton-thing.

Broken but not Shattered

Broken but not Shattered – Not sure where the mental image came from, but it was a striking one so I did my best to capture it. Went for a more realistic style than how I normally draw people – main difference is the nose. Noses are surprisingly hard to draw.

Lace Sashay

Lace Sashay – I think these dresses must have been in style because I saw multiple customers wearing them. This one’s more lace than the translucent fabric one I did last week, because I guess I wanted a challenge. Darn me.

Shay and Alice

Shay and Alice Mercurio – Yeah, I cheated and added color to this one. Say hello to my 13th Age character Shay. Then run as fast as you can because she’s an evil bastard. One of my gaming groups is doing Way of the Wicked, an evil adventure path that we ported over from Pathfinder. I’m playing a ranger who instead of an animal companion has the ghost of her twin sister following her around. Yes, those are tiny screaming faces carved into her longbow.



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