Inktober 2017 Week 1

Decided to sort of do Inktober this year. And by “sort of” I mean I made an effort to do more ink drawings this October, but not quite daily due to work and prep for NaNoWriMo (which I will be doing daily writing for). Also using some color here and there because I like to.

Here are some drawings I did during week one:

Customer Doodle 2

Drawing a customer from work who was wearing a neat outfit.

Holy Symbols 4

Some concepts for holy symbols for gods in our D&D campaign. I’ll probably post some more on them here soon.

MATN Egg Carton

Some fan art for one of my favorite YouTubers, who represents himself as a carton of eggs because why not, but has also mentioned liking linen shirts. So here’s a little egg carton in a linen shirt.

MATN Elephant

And here is the egg carton on a war elephant – the explanation is somewhat complicated, best boiled down to “some war video games have units with elephants and they’re cool.”

Dystopia Skylark

A friend asked what we’d wear/wield going into a apocalyptic/dystopia setting, and of course I went a little overboard in my response. 😉 My idea was to take items and skills I do have and turn them up to 11. (The name Skylark is based on my user name in the group we were discussing this in).

Outfit: Based mostly on clothing I actually own, though I’d probably want some slightly sturdier boots for climbing over debris. Skylark also gets some nifty hip packs to keep things on hand, and a filter mask for airborne toxins. The goggles are based on a pair I made myself for a steampunk convention.

Medical: My actual medical knowledge is limited to some first aid stuff I learned, but Skylark gets a bit more because our “team” needs a medic. Since this would put me close to any action, combat styles are based on that. Speaking of which…

Combat: Other team members have the long-range component covered, so for Skylark’s design I focused on defensive fighting for when she has to wade into a situation. Fictional me has probably gotten a few more belts in Jiu-Jitsu than I actually have, though the throw illustrated here is one I learned fairly early. Add the taser glove for tough moments, and some non-lethal crowd control in the form of smoke grenades and flash bangs, and Skylark is set.

Repair: In real life I can do a number of basic repairs on household stuff, so Skylark gets that plus some general knowledge to maintain the team’s equipment. Hopefully she’s got the endurance to carry the increase in collected scrap that would involve!

So that’s what I drew in the first week of October. A lot of it is more than just ink, but it was fun to experiment with different line weights and mediums.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Anything for the good of the public?

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