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Doing a bit of housekeeping on the site. Added some new poems already, hopefully a couple more tomorrow. There should be some short bits of prose soon as well.

I’ve decided to dedicate this blog wholly to my art and writing, and have thus deleted reblog posts. If you want a stream of articles, fandom-related rambling, and other non-work-related stuff, you can check out my tumblr. I will also have a tumblr that mirrors this site and has some smaller stories and doodles, which can be found here (still under construction).

This site is likely going to see some visual changes as I spruce it up. If nothing else, I need to fix the banner so the bird doesn’t randomly show up in different places.


Overhaul of portfolio site

So right now, if you click the “portfolio” link under “artwork”, you are taken to a serviceable but rather sub-par portfolio built on wordpress. I’m hoping to change that in the coming days – see my in-progress new portfolio here. Eventually I’ll map it to my custom Skylark Flight domain, but that’s going to require some time with WordPress’s customer support. In the meantime, check out the weebly page and let me know what you think.

Poems up, more to come

Put up my poems from my Creative Writing class from back in Nov/Dec 2010.

More stuff to come – more writing, hopefully some art. Let me know if you have any questions/comments/critique!

Oh, and a quick note – both this Weebly and this tumblr are mine, so if you see stuff of mine there, it’s not plagiarism or anything, just me posting stuff in different places.