Ian Shorts 1 & 2

Hiya folks! So here’s a little character concept I’ve had bumping around in my head for a while – a magic user who works at a hospital as a curer of magic-related maladies.

Still working out all the details, (for instance whether he’s a doctor or nurse and what kind and whether he actually swears in German or not) but here’s what I have so far: his story takes place in a world where magic is common knowledge, but not everyone has it. Artifacts and charmed items abound, and misuse/malfunction of spells is a common problem. Thus, the Magical Afflictions Specialists – hospital staff specifically trained to deal with magic-related medical mishaps.

Probably doing a long-form story or novel at some point, but for now just writing little vignettes/short stories. Here are the first two: “Cursed Keys” and “Barking Mad”.

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The Land of Imagination

Trees of blue and seas of green,
Skies of violet and the color of dreams,
Grass with a certain silvery sheen,
And gardens of flowers in colors yet unseen.

In the land of diamond and ruby shores,
Of ancient libraries of forgotten lore,
Bustling markets with multitudes of stores,
On the winds ride the sounds of mountains’ roars.

Anything can happen here, anything at all.
Stories and legends, myths great and small,
Whispers and rumors and tales stretching tall.
Here there be dragons, and the sound of sirens’ calls.

Dwarves stand under eaves to hide from the heat,
While salamanders sun themselves in the hard-packed street.
Gargoyles take the shade by the colossus’s feet,
While in back alleys, wizards of forgotten gods meet.

Mermaids look wistfully at the golden sands.
On shore, pixies wander in roving bands.
Circling overhead fly creatures with taloned hands.
Things of imagination made real prowl this land.

You can take the river there, though the port’s rather far.
If you want the scenic route, go on foot or by car.
Or by carriage, though the view from airship’s more on par.
If in a hurry, just wish yourself there on the next star.