Bull Durham Credo Form Poems

These poems were originally written for a Creative Writing class in December of 2010.

And before you ask, no I don’t know who/what Bull Durham is. Google it.


Credo 1

I believe in ability to choose
the desire to lose
the thought and the mind
and in the heart most kind.

But our fate isn’t decided
And no story is one-sided

I believe we make our fate
I believe we can love and hate
I believe its our decision
To meet hate not with derision
But with a calm and lasting peace

And I believe one day hate will cease.

Credo 2

I believe in the ability to choose,
the power of the mind,
the strength of love,
the need for peace.

But we need not put each other down.

I believe in the creativity that will keep us alive
I believe in the consequences of the choices we make
I believe in the strength we can lend each other.

And I believe that no matter how independent we may seem, we still need the presence of another human being.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Anything for the good of the public?

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