Sestina Poem – Red and Blue

This poem was originally written for a Creative Writing class in December of 2010.

This one was another poem done on a formula, not sure how successful it was. Made up a story to go behind it and just kinda started writing.

Red and Blue

The evening sky is darkening blue
The sun is golden, organge, rose red
We stand below and watch together
As if we’ve never seen a sunset before
We are silent, and holding still
Watching and waiting, for what we don’t know

I thought there was nothing I didn’t know
But staring out at that sea of blue
I found unexpectedly that I loved you still
The realization turned my cheeks red
I’d never felt this way before
Wasn’t sure I knew how to be togther

You and I have always been together
But only as friends, because you know
I can’t seem to trust, I used to, before
Before I went and dyed my hair blue
Hid that suddenly hidious red
Because the memory haunts me still

I think on it, every day, still
Not long before we were together
Back when my hair was a vivid red
The most beautiful boy I will ever know
With eyes of startling blue
I had never spoken to him before

He had never noticed me before
I wonder if he noticed me even now. Still…
I got lost in those eyes of blue
We spent a time, a while together
I knew then, I still now I know
He didn’t want me for my hair so red

Not for my looks, my hair so red
Nor my heart, my mind, he’d seen it all before
Didn’t want my body, I know, I know
I tried to reach him still
We were with each other always, but never together
He left and I was alone, until I died my hair blue

And then I met you
And you filled my head

I’m as fickle as weather
But you only love me more

And you tell the truth, so I know you will
Never leave. If you do, you’ll take me with you when you go.


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