The Dreams of Stars

The Dreams of Stars

Every day in science.

A repeated fact.

The stars are burning gas.

They are nothing more.

I imagine differently.

I imagine they are alive.

I imagine that the stars breathe,

That they talk amongst themselves.

That they feel

And think

And dream.

I imagine that the stars are alive,

And that they imagine too.

They imagine

That those hunks of rock

Hanging in the vacuum of space

Teem with life.

I lay in the grass,

Gaze at the stars.

I dream of living constellations,

All chattering away.

Discussing the possibility

That, far below, on that little hunk of rock,

There are living beings.

I dream of stars

Who dream themselves,

Of life on Earth.


About skylarklanding

My name is Amanda Davis. I am an aspiring industrial designer currently studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I like to draw, read, write, make jewelry, and act crazy with my friends. I am generally friendly (a bit neurotic during finals) and am open to questions, comments, and constructive critiques.

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