Recommendations and pending writing

Traveling a bit for job fair, and started writing a new short story on the train – I’ll post it soon!

The piece is inspired in part by two Neil Gaiman books – Good Omens and American Gods.

Still working my way through American Gods, but I listened to Good Omens in audiobook form and was highly entertained. Gaiman actually cowrote the book with Terry Prachett, and their off-the-wall writing styles mesh beautifully, resulting in a quirky, enthralling and very amusing tale about an angel and a demon working together to stop the end of the world, ’cause Earth’s really rather a nice place on the whole, and it’s hard to get a good drink in either heaven or hell. It twists and turns in unexpected ways while keeping the same sense of humor throughout. Five stars! 

Another recommendation of a different sort: if ever you are traveling Chicago and need an inexpensive place to stay the night, try Hosteling International Chicago. When I reserved a space at a hostel, I was expecting a little place, maybe a converted condo or something, but this place is really, REALLY nice! Well-furnished kitchens, comfy beds, a mini theater, laundry, free wi-fi – it’s just REALLY NICE! I have to share a room with about a half-dozen other people, but it’s still pretty good, and those wishing to pay a bit more can get a private room. In a nutshell, this place is like having a dorm room connected to the facilities of a hotel. Except the beds are comfier than the ones in my dorm…

I’ll see what the included breakfast is like tomorrow!


About skylarklanding

My name is Amanda Davis. I am an aspiring industrial designer currently studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I like to draw, read, write, make jewelry, and act crazy with my friends. I am generally friendly (a bit neurotic during finals) and am open to questions, comments, and constructive critiques.

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