Wanderer, Wanderer (lyric variant)

A slight variation of Wanderer, Wanderer. Hoping to turn it into a song soon, possibly in a collab with a friend.

Wanderer, Wanderer

Wanderer, wanderer, where do you sleep?
On the lonely road, do you rest your feet?
Lay your weary head in caverns deep?
Or tallest tower of dusty keep?

Wanderer, wanderer, how far have you come?
From over the hills of the setting sun?
On how many roads have your worn boots run?
In what distant land will your journey’s end come?

Oh wanderer, wanderer, where are you going?
To greenest fields where seeds they are sowing?
To driest canyons that sing with wind’s blowing?
Or to distant mountains, where always it’s snowing?

My wanderer, wanderer, you’ve come to journey’s end.
Rest your tired feet and let them mend.
The name of wanderer, to someone else lend.
For wander no more, you have found me, my friend.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Anything for the good of the public?

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