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Inktober 2017 Week 2

More of my sorta Inktober drawings. Still not doing quite daily drawings, and not really following the prompts, but I experimented a bit more with ink techniques this week.

What's This

What’s This? – This is one of those drawings that is a cute idea in my mind but may be creepy and unsettling to the outside viewer. I promise it’s a friendly, curious bird-man-skeleton-thing. Read the rest of this entry


Inktober 2017 Week 1

Decided to sort of do Inktober this year. And by “sort of” I mean I made an effort to do more ink drawings this October, but not quite daily due to work and prep for NaNoWriMo (which I will be doing daily writing for). Also using some color here and there because I like to.

Here are some drawings I did during week one:

Customer Doodle 2

Drawing a customer from work who was wearing a neat outfit. Read the rest of this entry

I made pillows!

I made a couple of pillows for my apartment next year (they’ll live in my dorm room for now).

Basically these came about after I screwed up printing t-shirts in screen printing class. One side came out fine, the other side didn’t, so I cut up the good side and used leftover fabric from another project to make the back, and viola! Pillow!

The back is fleece, and has overlapping panels with an opening so the pillow form can be removed and the case washed. I french seamed the edges so they’re extra sturdy.

All in all, not too bad.

Commission Example – Flame In The Dark

A practice digital painting, which I’ll use as an example of this particular style once I open commissions (hopefully soon).

This one was done entirely in Photoshop with a Wacom Graphire4 tablet (which they don’t actually make anymore).

Turned out pretty well, I think. Not 100% satisfied with the flame, but I like how the general shading and atmosphere looks.

Experiment in digital painting

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Screenprint Mechanical Bird

Screenprint Mechanical Bird

A stylized mechanical bird I’ll be screenprinting alongside a poem.

Dragon Screen Print Design

Design for a screen printing project in my manufacturing class.

A black and white design for screen printing in my manufacturing class.

A black and white design for screen printing in my manufacturing class.

Sense Poem

This poem was originally written for a Creative Writing class in December 2010.


Streams of light through the curtains
The warm air
Children playing outside
The brush of paper beneath my hand
The tang of paint upon my tongue
The studio is my haven for art

Three Word Form Poem – AP Art

Originally written for my Creative Writing class in November of 2010.

AP Art

Size, cut, trim
Cut, trim, spread,
Trim, spread, sketch
Spread, sketch, scribble
Sketch, scribble, draw
Scribble, draw, accent
Draw, accent, color
Accent, color, contrast
Color, contrast, highlight
Contrast, highlight, spray
Highlight, spray, mat
Spray, mat, critique,
Mat, critique, fix
Critique, fix, repeat