D&D Character Backstory

Draft of my character’s backstory for our group’s upcoming Pathfinder game. Needs a bit of tweeking still, but overall it’s good I think.

(The game is in the Pathfinder  – Dungeons and Dragons “3.75” – rules, using the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. All regions, world setting, etc. (c) Wizards of the Coast).

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Commission Example – Flame In The Dark

A practice digital painting, which I’ll use as an example of this particular style once I open commissions (hopefully soon).

This one was done entirely in Photoshop with a Wacom Graphire4 tablet (which they don’t actually make anymore).

Turned out pretty well, I think. Not 100% satisfied with the flame, but I like how the general shading and atmosphere looks.

Experiment in digital painting
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