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Screenprint Mechanical Bird

Screenprint Mechanical Bird

A stylized mechanical bird I’ll be screenprinting alongside a poem.



This Poem was written in December of 2010.


Strength of limb, of muscle and bone.
Strength of mind, of will and thought.
Strength of reflex, of speed and agility.
Strength of heart, of feeling and passion.
So many kinds of strength.

Power to command, a position of authority.
Power of a storm, blinding electricity.
Power of magic, whispered words and incantations.
Power of will, resisting persuasion.
So many kinds of power.

Love between friends, since childhood, met today.
Love of a couple, bonded for life.
Love in a family, blood relation or not.
Love above all that we can do.
Strong love is its own power.

Diamonte Poem – Power

This poem was originally written for a Creative Writing class in December of 2010.


Fragile, broken
Failing, falling, despairing
Loss, grief, acceptance, passion
Standing, fighting, loving
Strong, beautiful